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Jacobus Voorda

Door Jacobus Voorda e.a.

Jacobus Voorda
TitelJacobus Voorda. Dictata ad ius hodiernum. Lectures on the contemporary law given by Jacobus Voorda 1698-1768 at the University of Utrecht (2 volumes)
AuteurVoorda, Jacobus & Martgaret Hewett (transcribed, edited and translated into English by)
Jaar van uitgave2005
UitgeverijRoyal; Netherlands Academy of Art and Sciences
Beschrijving2 volumes
Samenvatting Dictata ad ius Hodiernum is a transcription from a hitherto unpublished 17th Century manuscript of over 1,000 pages. The manuscript, translated from Latin into English, consists of lectures given by Jacobus Voorda at the University of Utrecht during the period 1740-1760. These lectures are a unique and systematic analysis of the Roman Law of the Digest as applied in each of the seven provinces of the United Netherlands. Most legal writing of that period focused on the Province of Holland. Voorda's lectures are supported with copious references to current legal literature. Hewett's publication is an invaluable source of new material. The Latin text transcribed from the Master's manuscript is presented on the left-hand page and the English translation on the right. The citations, rendered into the modern form, provide easy access to the contemporary literature. The introduction gives thorough information on such matters as the Voorda family, the nature of the manuscript and an assessment of Voorda as lecturer and scholar. This work is an essential tool for international law schools, legal historians, scholars and all who's interest lies in the relationship of law and society. Margret Hewett has been awarded an Ode van Oranje-Nassau (Officer) for this 2-volume work
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